Our Services

Below is a list that gives a flavour of the type of work we most commonly undertake. The list is not exhaustive and we would recommend that you contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We offer a free initial consultation.

  • Transport Assessments / Statements

    A detailed Transport Assessment or Statement will be required where a proposed development is likely to have significant transport and related environmental impacts.

    This typically includes an audit of the highway, pedestrian, cycle and public transport network serving the site. We then estimate the number of journeys that will be generated by the development by various modes of transport and assess whether the existing networks have the capacity to accommodate these.

    We will design the site's access, internal roads, parking and delivery areas. If necessary we will design off-site improvements to the surrounding transport network to mitigate the impact of the development.

    These assessments are prepared in close association with the client and other members of the project team.


  • Access feasibility studies

    You have some land to develop - will you be able to provide a suitable access to it? We can quickly advise you on your options.

    Access Design

    Highway & Junction design & analysis

    We will design suitable layouts for your development's access, internal roads and any necessary off-site highway improvements.

    We build computerised models of the designs and test their ability to accommodate the expected volume of traffic generated by the development.


  • Road Safety Assessments

    We analyse the safety record of sections of highway, identify factors that cause accidents and design improvements to address these.

    Travel Plans

    Foot bridge in Carmarthen

    Travel Plans are becoming increasingly required as a condition of any significant development. These identify ways to encourage people to travel by using sustainable modes of transport and minimise the number of car journeys.

    Acstro is experienced at producing Travel Plans for residential, commercial, health and education developments.


  • Parking layout design & assessment

    For any development a fine balance has to be struck between providing enough parking to accommodate demand whilst avoiding the over supply of parking space that is wasteful of land.

    We can advise you on the amount of parking space that will be needed and on appropriate strategies for managing and controlling parking within your development.

  • Swept Path Analysis

    Swept path analysisSwept path analysis

    We use specialist software that replicates the swept path of delivery and emergency service vehicles. This ensures that your development's layout is suitable to allow access for emergency service vehicles and that delivery vehicles can move comfortably to and from delivery areas.


  • Public Transport, Pedestrian & Cycle network Assessment & Design

    It is essential that pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users can access new development.

    Traffic calming and cycle safety

    We audit existing facilities for these modes of travel and identify and design improvements to them that will encourage greater use of sustainable transport.

    These measures might include new or improved bus services or infrastructure, cycleways, footways, crossing facilities and home zones.

  • Expert Witness

    We have considerable experience of appearing as an Expert Witness at planning appeal hearings, public inquiries and at civil court cases. We are equally adept at representing developers that are appealing against a planning refusal or for a local authority in defending its position.

  • Objecting to Development

    Our expertise allows us to identify weaknesses in the development proposals of others that enables a measured and objective report or letter of objection to be submitted to the planning authority. We undertake this work for competing organisations, action groups and individuals.