Who we are

Suspension bridge

Acstro was formed in 2008 by Alun Rees, who has a wealth of experience in advising developers throughout the UK on highway and transportation matters relating to their developments. Alun and his small team of consultants draw upon experience gained throughout their respective careers at various specialist transport planning, town planning and multi-national, multi-disciplined, engineering consultancies.


The old cliché that no job is too big or too small really does apply. We work for both the private and public sectors and our clients include private individuals, architects, planning consultants, local authorities and a wide range of local to national developers. Our clients benefit from Director involvement in every job from start to finish.

Row of bicycles

Acstro is an old Welsh word that has disappeared from modern day use. It means "axis" or "pivot" - the point on which something turns, a crucial person or thing or a turning movement.

We believe that we have the expertise to identify the crucial issues, turn arguments in your favour and provide a service that is pivotal to the success of your projects - no matter what the size, the location or the demands.